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If you are writing an academic or professional paper, it is crucial that you comply with proper formatting as to maximize the quality of your research. It is important to note that your references and sources are also essential in establishing the efficiency of your study which is why you should practice effective citations using Chicago format. If you are in need of premium Chicago format paper, you can easily buy one online and have it customized based on your specifications. You can easily avail well written, properly formatted Chicago format paper online with us!

Sample Chicago Style Format Footnotes

When it comes to citing your references, you should be able to adhere with the guidelines of Chicago style format footnotes. There might be slight modifications depending on the medium of your source. Here is sample of footnotes using Chicago formatting style:

Basic format:

Author’s first name Last name, Title in Italics and in Headline Style (City of Publication: Publisher, Year), page number if relevant.

  1. Kent Portney, Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003).                                                                                                                                              Ibid., 162.
  2. David Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry Into the Origins of Cultural Change (New York: Blackwell, 1989), 197.
  3. Robert O. Self, American Babylon: Race and the Struggle for Postwar Oakland (Princeton: Princeton Univ. Press, 2003). Harvey, The Condition of Postmodernity, 86-87.

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