Writing a Paper in APA Format

Professional Help in Writing a Paper in APA Format

There are a number of formats when it comes to writing your paper and you should make sure that you comply with the standards whether you are crafting your dissertation, research paper or essay. Writing a paper in APA format is easier as this is widely used by many writers and researchers. Of course, you should also comply with its proper guidelines to make sure that your final paper is accurate and well formatted. The most common instructions in writing a paper in APA format is typed double spaced on standard sized paper, 1” margins on sides and use 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Sample APA and Turabian Paper Format in Citations

In citing your references, practice using proper Turabian paper format. Keep in mind that Turabian and APA formatted paper are two different formats and you should know the correct format especially when you are citing your sources. Here are sample citations using APA and Turabian style paper format:

APA format:

  • Gallagher, T. E. (1992). Vargas Llosa, The Storyteller, and the premature demise of ethnography.

MACLAS Latin American Essays, 7, 121-133.

  • Parish, T. S. (1990b). Examining teachers’ perceptions of children’s support systems.

Journal of Psychology, 124, 113-118.


  • Eppmann, Joachim. Freedom, Education and Well-Being for All : North Germans in the USA,

1847-1860. Davenport, Iowa; Germany: Hesperian Press; Verlag für Amerikanistik, 1999.

  • Kuyper, Susan Jean. The Americanization of German Immigrants : Language, Religion and

Schools in Nineteenth Century Rural Wisconsin, 1981.

Expert Help on Proper APA and Turabian Style Paper Format Online

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